Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Visa Lighting's PLA fixture LED IES file study

Pictured is an example of the PLA Outdoor Sconce using actual IES files to provide an accurate representation of light output. The PLA fixture is available in pencil beam, 30 degree and 50 degree beam spreads.

This example utilizes LED IES files which need to be modified in order to illuminate correctly. While most light sources utilize relative photometry IES files, most LED sources use absolute photometry.  Currently Revit cannot handle the lack of a source lumen value or "-1" which is used in absolute photometry. The LED IES file needs to be manipulated by inserting the source lumen value for the "-1" within the IES file. Then the IES file can be dropped in your Revit fixture family.

(Images contain OW2210-LCW2000-30-LCW2000-50)

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