Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Visa Lighting's PLA fixture LED IES file study

Pictured is an example of the PLA Outdoor Sconce using actual IES files to provide an accurate representation of light output. The PLA fixture is available in pencil beam, 30 degree and 50 degree beam spreads.

This example utilizes LED IES files which need to be modified in order to illuminate correctly. While most light sources utilize relative photometry IES files, most LED sources use absolute photometry.  Currently Revit cannot handle the lack of a source lumen value or "-1" which is used in absolute photometry. The LED IES file needs to be manipulated by inserting the source lumen value for the "-1" within the IES file. Then the IES file can be dropped in your Revit fixture family.

(Images contain OW2210-LCW2000-30-LCW2000-50)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mystique Collection LED products released in Revit

Visa Lighting's Mystique Collection, featuring primarily LED, is now available in BIM/Revit format from Visa Lighting!

Mystique is an innovative line of LED wall and ceiling luminaires that offer a unique combination of style, performance and low energy sources. Visa Lighting spoke directly to the lighting community to learn more about their needs. All Visa Ligthing LED products are designed to facilitate long-term maintenance. The offerings allow you to manage your time, as well as save on maintenance costs while creating beautiful spaces! 

Donwload the full Mystique Collection Revit at:
"Architecturally Integrated LED Lighting"

(image contains Visa CB1987 "Voila" Wall Sconce)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Unity" Healthcare Products Released in Revit

Visa Lighting's new Healthcare line, Unity, is now available in BIM / Revit Format from!

The Unity line of fixtures includes ceiling mount fixtures, wall sconces and table lamps. Unity is designed specifically for healthcare applications with features such as Anti-Microbial Powdercoat paint standard, and laminated linen shades to provide a warm beatiful look while maintaining cleanabilty!

Download the full Unity Revit Family at:

"Transforming the Patient Experience"

( image contains Visa TF1900 table lamp and CM1908 recessed 2'x4' ceiling mount light)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BIM Beacon Featured Rendering

Visa Lighting Sphinx - Lobby/Office Rendering

Created by Jarom Worthen, Project Designer at BNA Consulting in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a classic example of how the Visa Lighting illuminated BIM Files can help clients and specifiers visualize a space before it is built.

For more information on Visa Lighting BIM Files - Click Here

Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to the BIM Beacon by Visa Lighting

BIM (Building Information Modeling): As the first lighting content provider, Visa Lighting’s dedication to the design community to be responsive and innovative compels us to assume a leadership role in extending capabilities of this powerful tool. One way we’ve achieved this has been to provide our products in a comprehensive BIM product library in formats including Revit and Bentley as well as Google Sketch-Up.

What’s Next? The BIM Beacon Blog, focused on lighting and BIM.

We would like this to be a place for dynamic conversation to facilitate an exchange focused on lighting and BIM. We will post topics, tips and tutorials that will hopefully “spark” feedback and dialog so that we may collaborate with each other as we all work to expand our knowledge and overcome some of the challenges with lighting and BIM. We also welcome questions, ideas and suggestions for future posts.

The BIM Beacon, shining light on the topic of BIM.

Some Future Topics that we’d like to start with, include:

Uses of 3-D Modeling in Lighting – An Overview
Importing Fixtures into your Project – Tutorial
IES Files – Calculating Lighting Performance
File derived type RVT vs DWG
Lighting Standards for Models
Pendant – Instances, Heights
Illuminating Objects
Metadata – details include/exclude
What would you like to talk about?

Some Cool Ideas … What do you think?

BIM apps for your phone …
Lighting apps for your phone … there are many out there, favorites?
Google Sketch Ups Open Source … more lighting meta data …

Visa Lighting Product Models are Available in the Following Places:  
Visa Lighting Website
Google Sketch Up
Autodesk Seek

Contributing BIM Projects/Renderings/Drawings:
We have seen some great spaces designed and rendered with the use of BIM and Google Sketch Up models. If you have a project file, rendering, or model with Visa Lighting products, we would like to include them in a library of projects here and on the Visa Lighting website. We would also love to promote you and your capabilities with BIM and lighting so that others in the design community can benefit from your talents. Please contact us for more information.